Alan Lewin ServiceMaster

What is the future of sustainable cleaning?

Published in Tomorrow’s Cleaning in June 2013.

“At ServiceMaster, studies have shown that sustainable buildings, or businesses that go green, achieve measurable financial gains due to employee health, productivity, and staff retention, as well as lower operating costs. As more and more businesses benefit from green cleaning, their individual impact grows exponentially to reach a global scale.

“At its most simple, it’s a case of the cleaning service provider using environmentally friendly products and equipment. However, maximum benefit is derived by taking an integrated approach to environmental goals throughout an organisation internally, and via its various external service providers. So a combination of building, service, and product design and innovation within an environmentally sympathetic culture is, in our view, where the momentum behind the future of green cleaning is generated.”

Alan Lewin, Business Development Director of ServiceMaster Clean.

June 2013